The Beast 2

Evening, Internetland!

I just finished The Beast by Walter Dean Myers and I’m glad it’s over. It wasn’t particularly hard to read but I just didn’t feel overly connected to the story or the characters. It was predictable, boring and bland.

So when I left off Spoon just found out that his girlfriend Gabi was a drug addict. Well, Gabi’s mom, who had stomach cancer, died and Gabi disappeared. Will Spoon find Gabi in time to go to te funeral? Will Gabi be able to face her family and her boyfriend knowing that she is a drug addict? Will Spoon and Gabi live happily ever after? Yes, Yes and No.

Once Gabi deals with her problems Spoon goes back to school and then he goes to collage. They still love each other though and she goes to visit him. Yawn.

One thing I’ve noticed about Spoon is that he uses his imagination a lot. He’s always imagining scenarios. He imagines how his girlfriend will react to certain things. One time I remember the most is when he’s at his rich friend Chanelle taking a shower and he gets all lusty for her even though he is on his way to visit Gabi and he imagines Chanelle coming into the bathroom, in the shower with him, then them going to the bedroom… yeah. Nice guy.

Anyway, The Beast by Walter Dean Myers. 4 out of 10 I say.

Thanks, Internetland!


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