Quick Update

Hey, Internetland!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been quite busy this last month. I haven’t had time to read much. Lots has been going on. Here’s a list:

  • My mom and I are planning a massive family reunion that will be happening at the end of the month. There are going to be somewhere between 70-100 people coming!
  • I’ve been getting ready for school in the fall (as in registering for classes and scholarships). I registered for five classes and then was told in a letter that I can only take four. I still have to call and figure out what that is all about.
  •  I injured my foot (partial tear of a tendon in my ankle) and I’ve been receiving physiotherapy for that. Turns out an old injury from twelve years ago that was never rehabilitated cause the majority of the joints in my right foot to stop moving. my physiotherapist said she’s seen people come straight out of casts who have more movement than I do.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of substitute teaching as well. I’m starting to not hate subbing, but it’s still not something I would like to do for a career. If finding a job as a librarian is difficult at least I can fall back on teaching…

That’s about all I have for updates. The book I’m currently reading is The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, so expect a review of that book in the near future!

See you later, Internetland!

(PS. The bullets in this theme are adorable. :3)


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