Just a little bit about me…

I really hate writing about myself. Let me see… where to start.

I love to read and I love sharing my love of reading. This is what prompted me to become a librarian. I’m a Collections and Reader’s Advisory Librarian, so my job basically entails knowing about books so I can buy them for the library’s collection and recommend them to patrons!

My hobbies, other than reading, are all things nerdy and geeky. I love Doctor Who, anime, manga, cosplaying, comics, superheroes, Japanese street fashion, tea, knitting, sewing, steampunk, and lots of other stuff.

Primarily, I like to read Young Adult literature, but every now and again I like to read books for younger audiences and some adult fiction. My recent guilty pleasure has been cozy mystery novels featuring cats, librarians, or supernatural stuff!

That’s basically all I can think of to tell you, Internetland. Enjoy my blog and please leave a comment if you see something you like! If you see something you don’t like you can just bugger off without leaving a comment. 🙂


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