Aw, Guinea Pigs are cute!!

Book coverSo this new book I am currently reading is not for school. It’s called The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment by A. J. Jacobs. It’s a non-fiction book by Mr. Jacobs where he describes his life as a huge series of experiments he conducts on himself.

Sounds interesting, no? Well, I thought so and that’s why I picked up the book at the public library.

So these experiments… There are a lot of them. Jacobs has written two books on two of his major, year-long experiments. These books were about the year he spent living according to the rules of the bible, and of his time spent reading the entire-FREAKING-Encyclopedia Britannica. In Guinea Pig he talks about his small-scale experiments. These experiments are things like: living according to Abraham Lincolns’ rules of etiquette, being Radically Honest, being photographed nude for Esquire Magazine, posing as a celebrity at an awards show, refusing to multitask, etc.

Not only are these experiments interesting to read about but Jacobs is a talented writer who catches the attention of the reader with his personal writing. His voice is clear in his writing and it flows nicely from one chapter to the next with out the chapters having similar content.

I recommend this books, Internetland. It’s funny and interesting and really gets you thinking about different things.