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Hi Internetland!

I’ve been busy these last couple days with not reading. Bad me! Most of my course work is reading so I need to keep on top of it. I’m already falling behind a little.

So I’ve read my chapters for my ELIB class and most of my chapters for my Religious Studies class.

The textbook for my ELIB class is painful to read because it’s so boring. I hate boring textbooks. The chapters were all about introductions for Young Adult Literature, the difference between Children’s literature, Adolescent Literature and Young Adult Literature and the ever so exciting History of Young Adult Literature.

I did find some information which I thought is really  interesting. Back in the day there were two types of  books for young people. There were Domestic Novels and Dime Novels.

Guess who the Domestic Novels were for? Well, let’s see, who are generally the domestics of today’s society? Women! Domestic novels were for women. Back in ye ole days of gender discrimination these books would teach girls, through stories of the orphan girl sent to live with horrible family members who meets a tall dark handsome stranger and must choose between her morals or her passion, how to be good little obedient house wives. The story usually ends with the girl choosing to be obedient to her family and learning to be in a submissive role.

Dime novels were for the other gender. Not men so much as young(ish) boys. They were stories about adventure and exciting happenings usually set in the wild, wild west. They were sold at the general store for 10 cents but then they figured out that they were too expensive and dropped the price down to 5 cents. I think these books were meant to keep young boys from getting in to trouble.

My Religious Studies textbook is weird. It’s actually on a CD Rom with a bunch of PDF documents and they were all written by professors at my university. It’s not as expensive as a paper copy and I’m saving the enviroment by getting this CD (and I borrowed it from a friend so I’m saving my wallet as well) but it’s so hard to read off my computer. I have a tiny, tiny screen. Well, it’s not that small but it’s still too small to comfortably read.

Anyway, I read about Hinduism. Hinduism is fascinating! Did you know that there is no set definition for Hinduism and the term Hinduism is actually an umbrella term that the early Muslim explorers gave the religions of India? The more you know! Islam is a monotheistic religion and Hinduism is … multitheistic? Not sure if that’s the right term but anyway, the Muslims were all like, “Whoa! There’s so much for us to process here and we can’t remember all of it so we’ll just call you Hinduism.” They kinda thought it was weird that there were more than one god being worshipped. Islam was a relatively young religion at that time as well so they were not used to different concepts.

One of my favourite things about Hinduism so far is that they don’t discriminate against other religions. They believe that all religions will accomplish the same goal. It doesn’t matter if we worship one Almighty God, or several gods, goddesses, and demigods. They are accepting of all.

Well, Internetland, I’m going to sign off for now. I’ll talk more about Hinduism later. My next post will be about all the crazy $#!7 that went down in Harold Pinter’s The Room. Like I said: Layers.