The Beast 2

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I just finished The Beast by Walter Dean Myers and I’m glad it’s over. It wasn’t particularly hard to read but I just didn’t feel overly connected to the story or the characters. It was predictable, boring and bland.

So when I left off Spoon just found out that his girlfriend Gabi was a drug addict. Well, Gabi’s mom, who had stomach cancer, died and Gabi disappeared. Will Spoon find Gabi in time to go to te funeral? Will Gabi be able to face her family and her boyfriend knowing that she is a drug addict? Will Spoon and Gabi live happily ever after? Yes, Yes and No.

Once Gabi deals with her problems Spoon goes back to school and then he goes to collage. They still love each other though and she goes to visit him. Yawn.

One thing I’ve noticed about Spoon is that he uses his imagination a lot. He’s always imagining scenarios. He imagines how his girlfriend will react to certain things. One time I remember the most is when he’s at his rich friend Chanelle taking a shower and he gets all lusty for her even though he is on his way to visit Gabi and he imagines Chanelle coming into the bathroom, in the shower with him, then them going to the bedroom… yeah. Nice guy.

Anyway, The Beast by Walter Dean Myers. 4 out of 10 I say.

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The Beast

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I know it’s very early but I wanted to post before I headed off to work. I know, full-time student with a massive reading load and a part-time job. I’m amazing.

Anyway, the first book I”m reading is called The Beast by Walter Dean Myers. I’ve only read 82 out of 170 pages so far. I’m honestly not sure that I like it. Granted the book is aimed at middle school-high school aged kids and I’m a 23-year-old. Also, the book seems to be for a specific demographic. Spoon is from a lower-income area of New York and so this book is aimed at the kids who ae also from lower-income families. They would be most able to relate to the characters in this book. I’ll explain:

The main character is a young African American boy named Anthony Witherspoon (Spoon for short) and he’s gone off to a prep school leaving his family and friends back in Harlem. The story takes place while he has gone home for the Christmas break. When he gets home he wants to see his girlfriend, Gabi, but she somehow keeps avoiding him. Spoon finds out that she is a drug addict. The Beast is a metaphor for drugs. Original.

Anyway, I haven’t fallen in love with any of the characters. By that I don’t mean I am not infatuated with them, I mean that I don’t care about them. If a book is well written you should love the characters and not want anything bad to happen to them. So far I couldn’t care less about Spoon or Gabi. Perhaps it goes back to that demographic thing. I’m not from a lower-income family nor do I know anyone with an illegal substance abuse problem. I consider myself a very lucky person because of this.

I think this book would be a good read for a boy or girl who is young, maybe has a lower reading level, and comes from a background similar to that of Spoon’s.

I’m going to finish the book today, hopefully, then I will write another post about it.

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