Medicine River by Thomas King

Well, Internetland, I just finished reading a novel called Medicine River by Thomas King. It’s a Canadian novel set in Alberta in a small town called Medicine River. I know, the title totally didn’t give that away at all. Medicine River is just outside of Red Deer, Alberta and it has a wild life centre. I just Googled it.

Anyway, the story is about a man named Will. He’s a half-breed (don’t get all out of shape, that’s the technical term for half Native half Caucasian) His mother was a Native woman on a reserve and his father was a rodeo man from Calgary. The book is a series of Will’s life and flash backs from his childhood and his early adult life.

So basically Will goes back to Medicine River for his mother’s funeral (He moved to Toronto to study photography) and when his business in Toronto goes bad he moves to Medicine River.

Will has a friend named Harlen and Harlen pisses me off so much. He’s the type of man who just does things and he meddles in other peoples’ business and he just irritates me. I think he makes me so mad because I had a room-mate like him once. My room-mate always had these crazy ideas they she would halfway get off the ground and then just forget about and abandon. She would always be trying to help other people but usually would end up being a nuance to them. Will pisses me off too. I think because I see a lot of myself in him. Will settles a lot. He goes a long with things and never really takes his own life into his own hands. I was like that. I’m not anymore, at least I’m trying not to be like that anymore.

Anyway, all the reviews for the book that I’ve read have said it’s so amazing but quite frankly I found it boring. Maybe I  missed the deeper meaning of the story or something but I just don’t see how it’s so amazing. Sure, Will is a great role-model. He’s successful, owns his own business, blah blah blah, and it’s good for young Native students, especially boys, to see that in a book.

Anyway, Internetland, I have to go now. My group is getting ready to do an assignment on this book. We need to create a Reader’s Theatre. If you don’t know what that is you have some homework to do! I’m not to worried about the assignment. It couldn’t be more easy for us. We’re Arts Education and we rock the Reader’s Theatre.