Push by Sapphire…

…now a major motion picture called “Precious based on the book Push by Sapphire.”

Hi, Internetland. I didn’t read this book for school. No, I read this book for fun. Let me tell you this book is anything but fun to read.

It’s not a bad book at all. If fact this book is amazing. So amazing. I wasn’t even three pages into the book and I was bawling like a baby who had her sugary treat violently ripped from her mouth.

Push by Sapphire is written in the voice and point of view of Claireece Precious Jones who is an African-American teenager who lives in Harlem in the 1980s. Precious has lived a hard life. I say voice as well as point of view because it’s written how Precious would have spoken, her dialect. It’s really very interesting, and Precious writes in a journal throughout the book and it’s very interesting to see her language skills develop through the journal.

When Precious was small and in elementary school she was teased because she was, for lack of a better word, fat. The boys in her class would make fun of her when ever she stood up or sat down by making pig noises or fart noises (real mature, guys) so she stopped standing up. She wouldn’t even get up to go to the washroom. This resulted in her wetting herself on a daily basis. Her teachers were just frustrated with her and they stopped caring.

Precious was also molested and raped by her father and mother. In the book she recollects having her first child by her father when she was twelve and in current time in the book she is pregnant with her second child by him.

She gets kicked out of her school for being pregnant and a social worker sends her to an alternative school where adults go to get their Pre-G.E.D and G.E.D. That’s where she meets Ms. Rain and Precious’ life starts changing.

This is a remarkable powerful, depressing, and hopeful book and it’s definitely a must read. Just be prepared for what you will read. It’s no picnic, and it’s graphic and it’s a heavy read.