Zombies can be cool!

Actually, Internetland, I hate zombies. They scare the crap out of me but unfortunately almost everyone else thinks they are awesome. Zombies are not awesome. How can something dead and decaying be awesome? My room mates like zombies so much that they created their own zombie invasion plan. It’s lame, yes, but also very comforting to know that we have a plan incase there is a zombie invasion.

Sabriel by Garth NixAnyway, the reason I talk about this is because the latest book that I read is called Sabriel by Garth Nix and let me tell you a little something about this book. It’s awesome. It’s exciting and has a lot of mystery and action and even a little romance.

The story set in two kingdoms. One is a modern world where technology rules and the other is a medieval country where magic rules. These two countries are separated by a wall. The story is about a girl named Sabriel who was born across the wall in the Old Kingdom but was raised in the modern world called Ancelstierre.

Now you’re probably wondering why I prefaced this post with talk of zombies. Well here’s why I prefaced this post with talk of zombies: Sabriel is a necromancer, or rather, someone who controls the Dead. Necromancers can raise souls from Death and put them into dead bodies. Sabriel is a different kind of necromancer. She is the Abhorsen, or rather, a necromancer who is the sworn enemy of anything Dead. It’s her job to  banish anything Dead back to the realm of Death.  Sabriel’s story begins when she gets a message from her father who is in trouble in the Old Kingdom. Sabriel must cross the wall and find him before something truely terrible happens to him. On her journey she finds out more about who she is and who her family is. A road to self discovery.

Something I find very interesting about this book is the original concept of music and magic intermingling. Sabriel uses magic bells to control the Dead and it’s all based around Charter Magic (the controlled and socially accepted form of magic that the Mages use) and Free Magic (the, well, free magic that is not socially accepted and feared — the kind that necromancers use).

Sabriel by Garth Nix is an interesting and original novel and has two more books after it called Liriel and Abhorsen and they too are amazing reads and even someone who is scared to death (pun not intended) of zombies can enjoy this book.