Hi Internetland! I know, I know. I’ve been slacking on my blogging duties. I suck.

Anyway, I’m a little behind on my blogging yes, but that just means that I have many-a-post to write this week! I’ll be using this blog in an upcoming presentation I will be doing with a partner this week on the pros and cons of using podcasts and blogs to promote reading in schools. Personally, I think using blogs rocks. ‘Nuff said, yo.

Sandpiper by Ellen WittlingerToday’s post is about a young adult novel I read called Sandpiper by Ellen Wittlinger. It’s an interesting story about a girl named Sandpiper who has a reputation for giving (cover your eyes if you are under 18) blow jobs to pretty much any boy who asks. Sandpiper breaks up with her current “boyfriend” of two days and that’s when she meets a boy that everyone calls The Walker. The Walker is the only boy in town who doesn’t want to be around Sandpiper for the reasons she’s used to.

This story is about Sandpiper, or Piper as she likes to be called now, as she starts to realize (with The Walker’s help) that she is worth more than what everyone thinks she’s worth. Another theme of the book that my classmates and I talked about was the issue of whether or not oral sex is real sex. Sandpiper is under the impression that it is not but her father tells her at the end of the book that it is  indeed and that seems to give Sandpiper a wake up call.

As for the actual writing of the novel… Well, it’s well written but I felt it was really predictable. I had pretty much figured out The Walker’s story before it actually came up in the book, and the climax of the novel was typical. See, one of Sandpiper’s ex-boyfriends gets a bad case of the crazies and goes after Sandpiper and her family. Seriously, this kid goes mental and throws a rock through her living room window and when she tries to run he tries to rape her.

Well, that’s Sandpiper by Ellen Wittlinger. It’s a good read and it can really get you thinking. I recommend it.

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